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Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine is a the Medical Sponsor of the Chicago Fire Juniors North 

We are proud to be the exclusive medical sponsor of the Chicago Fire Juniors North. The Chicago Fire Juniors is the official youth soccer club of Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire, the Chicago Fire Juniors are the only professionaly based youth soccer club in the United States.
For more information about the Chicago Fire Juniors North, visit Chicago Fire Juniors North

Join Us at the Northbrook Velodrome on Monday Nights

Throughout the summer, Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine will be at the Velodrome’s Monday Night Training Clinics.
Dr. Sebby and Dr. Pullukat will be available during warm-ups to provide soft tissue treatments, biomechanical assessments and to answer any of your questions pertaining to your sore muscles.
For more information, visit Northbrook Velodrome Monday Training Night

Personalized Movement Analysis and Corrective Methods Class
January 26, 2013
2:00pm – 5:00pm at CrossFit Construct

Instructors:  Dr. Josh Akin, Coach Derek Freiberg, Dr. Sunil Pullukat, Dr. Jon Sebby

This class will address common issues that arise during workouts whether it be the inability to maintain proper position throughout a lift, attain enough mobility to accomplish a lift or perform a particular movement without experiencing pain during or afterwards.

Throughout the class, common dysfunctional patterns will be identified and screened for you and techniques and methods will be taught to deal with and alleviate your issues.  You will be individually assessed and taught how to combat the restrictions or issues that you have been experiencing.

The class will emphasize the proper postural alignment beginning with the core including determining your functional capability, strength and ability to maintain stabilization through all movements. A particular focus will be on the diaphragm, so that you learn how to establish core activation and its application in proper breathing technique.  We will then apply the same principals to the upper and lower extremity with particular importance on being able to maintain what you have learned about core function in any movement whether it be ankle mobility, hip hinge, deep overhead squat, deadlift or overhead press.

Cost: $75.00

Questions?  Email us at


Treatments by Dr. Sebby at Melas Park, Mount Prospect, IL - November 18, 2012

Dr. Jon Sebby, DC, ART Provider, will be providing Active Release Techniques (ART) from 10 am – 4pm at the Cyclocross race at Melas Park. We will be tenting next to Higher Gear. Come cheer on the Higher Gear Team and get a free treatment. Learn More


Dr. Josh Akin Highlighted in Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine

As team chiropractor for the Chicago Bears, Josh Akin Class of ’03 helps keep gridiron warriors at the top of their game.  Read More


Dr. Josh Akin and Dr. Jon Sebby Selected to Lead ART Providers at Ironman Steelhead

The weekend of August 17, 2012, Dr. Josh Akin and Dr. Jon Sebby will lead the ART IM Network Providers in the Athlete’s Village and on the race course at the WhirlpoolIronman 70.3 Steelhead in Benton Harbor, MI.


Receive a Complimentary Soft Tissue Treatment at the Velodrome – August 23, 2012

Dr. Jon Sebby, DC, ART Provider, and Paul Matthews, Certified Rolfer, will be providing ART and Rolfing (soft tissue treatments) at the Points Race State Championship at the Northbrook Velodrome on August 23, 2012. Stop by the infield between 6-9pm to experience ART and Rolfing. The free treatments are available to racers and spectators.

Anatomy of a Yogi: Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – May 4-5, 2012

The workshop, presented by Dr. Josh Akin, will focus on the most common muscular imbalances, the most common injuries from yoga, what patterns are causing them and how to recover and prevent re-occurrence.

Workshop schedule:

Friday 1:30pm-6:00pm: Upper Extremities

Saturday 12:30pm-5:00pm: Lower Extremities

Learn more

Women’s Cycling Clinic – April 22, 2012  9am- 3pm

Get ready for the season, join Higher Gear and Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine for an all day Women’s Cycling Clinic.

Dr. Sebby and Paul Matthews from Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine will be presenting: “How to Stay Injury-free On & Off the Bike”, as well as demonstrating Active Release Techniques (ART) and Rolfing.

Learn more and Register Online

Dr. Akin Featured in Chicago Athlete Magazine

Dr. Josh Akin was featured in the September/October issue of Chicago Athlete Magazine. Starting at pre-race to completing the marathon, Dr. Akin explains what your body will experience while running a marathon. Read “Breaking Down: Marathon Mileage and the Body”, page 58.

August 1, 2011

Dr. Sebby, a Chiropractic Physician and an Active Release Technique® (ART®) Provider, joins Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine.  He brings to the Center a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the integration of the muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. Dr. Sebby is one of only six doctors in the Chicago area that is a member of the ART’s Elite Provider Network. Read More.

June 21, 2011

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Running Right – Alberto’s and Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. Together, our number one goal is to have you running and biking injury-free to ensure your optimal performance. Read More.

May 4, 2011

Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine is pleased to announce the addition of Paul Matthews to their staff. Paul, a certified Rolfer, Functional Rehabilitation Specialist and Personal Trainer has been helping hundreds of endurance athletes and active individuals in the Chicago area recover from injuries and maintain effective biomechanics. Paul is one of only ten certified Rolfers in Illinois. Read More.

January 31, 2011

Dr. Joshua Akin and team recently opened Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, a center that provides chiropractic care, Active Release Technique (ART), Functional Rehabilitation and Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) to athletes, active individuals, and those in need of care. Read More.

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