Sam Gao, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sam Gao, Licensed Massage TherapistSam Gao, Licensed Massage Therapist, prides himself on his ability to care and listen to the needs of others. He is well versed in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and ethics.  Sam believes in tailoring a massage towards the individual needs of each client by using multiple modalities such as TuiNa, and deep tissue work to get the best results possible. Sam graduated from Soma Clinical Massage school in Chicago in 2008. Over the years he has treated many athletes, including professional athletes.  A few common problems that Sam works on with his clients are headaches, muscle tension, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, back pain, sciatica , and fibromyalgia. Sam believes in continuing education and feels that his ongoing studies and practical work makes him a better massage therapist. This allows him to explore new methods and techniques in order to provide his clients the best experience possible.

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