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Ask The Doctor

Q. I have tight hip flexors. Is stretching my hip flexors enough to overcome the tightness?

A. If you are like most, your daily commute and sitting throughout the majority of the day contributes to the length of your hip flexors. The more time you spend sitting will tend to shorten your hip flexors. Tight hip flexors … Continue reading→

Q. I am a runner and I try to do 1-2 races a year, but I always end up injuring myself. I’m planning to do a marathon, what can I do to stay healthy, especially as I’m approaching my long runs?

A. Think about this for a moment. It takes the average person about 41,280 strides to complete a marathon. Then you need to factor in the hundreds of miles spent training; average weekly miles ranging from 35-50 miles. Now you can … Continue reading →

Q. I have a long history of spraining my ankles. What can I do to prevent future ankle sprains?

A. More often than not, a sprained ankle is due to a loss of proprioception and balance in the ankles, and not necessarily a strength issue. Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense its position in space. A classic example of …Continue reading →

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