Patient Stories

“Thank you Dr. Sunil Pullukat for giving me the physical support during CrossFit Regionals and the CrossFit Games.”

- Elisabeth Akinwale, Winner of CrossFit North Regionals and 10th overall Winner of the CrossFit Games

“As a professional athlete, I depend on top quality care during the off-season, which is why I’ve been working with Erin Bretts for the past two years. She is knowledgeable, professional and extremely accommodating. I have regular visits with Erin and I trust her each time to improve flexibility and alleviate muscle tension. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who could benefit from massage therapy.”

- Collin Greening

Jon has been working with me for two months now and I have already seen a tremendous difference in the way I feel and how I’m performing in the gym. Jon has also made me more aware of my body and what areas I need to focus on when I am in the gym. He is a great educator. Believe me, I always thought that receiving this kind of attention was a luxury, but now I consider it a necessary maintenance.”

- Carlos Montoya, Owner of CrossFit Impact

“Once I stared working with Dr. Josh Akin my recovery progressed drastically.  Josh has an extraordinary touch to his technique and an ability to significantly improve recovery time.  Josh does a great job in integrating an effective home exercise program.  I believe his impressive technique has allowed me to get to where I am today.”

- Dr. Gregg Bradford, Chiropractic Physician

“I saw Erin Bretts over many parts of the last year to help me with daily maintenance of being a professional hockey player. With the many physical stresses my body takes, Erin’s skills as a therapist, and her friendly demeanor, aided me in being able to perform at my best. I would recommend Erin to anyone who wants to have help keeping their body primed for daily physical use”.

- Steve

“I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Dr. Jon Sebby in the weeks leading up to our CrossFit Regional competition.  In preparation for the Regionals, our team significantly increased the intensity of our training, many times pushing our bodies to the breaking point.  Jon took the time to understand the sport of Crossfit and the subsequent stresses we were placing on our bodies.  He was able to provide specific treatment for some of our weaknesses and pain points.  For example, I was having difficulty with the bottom of my low squat position.  John was able to focus on loosening the hip, calf, and Achilles; not only did my low squat position improve, but a lingering tightness in my knee was relieved.  Jon played an important role in our preparation and allowed us to show well during competition.  I look forward to working again with Jon as we begin our 2013 preparations.”

- Nick, CrossFit Athlete

“Jon is an exceptional doctor, and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in Active Release Techniques. I trust Jon.  He took the time to diagnose and correct my problem.  I never felt rushed with Jon and he has genuine care for me, as well as every patient.

“I will continue to see Jon for my lower back, neck and hip structure that are all out of whack from playing football.  Thanks to Jon the pain in my elbow has subsided and I have better overall strength and conditioning in my upper body.”

- Brian, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at Poliquin Performance

Good thing I landed at Northwestern to play baseball. It is great to be able to see Dr. Akin on a regular basis. Anytime my shoulder gets a little tight, I visit Dr. Akin and he gets my shoulder going again and loosens it up. I recommend Dr. Akin to all my baseball buddies.

- Kyle, Baseball Player at Northwestern University

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Professional Athlete Stories

“Not only do I entrust myself with Dr. Akin but I have referred both friends and family to him. I truly believe in Dr. Akin’s ability to help all his patients improve and enhance their quality of life. We are fortunate to have his expertise in our community.”

- Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears Quarterback

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