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Preventative Care

We owe our bodies a lot because of what we demand from them on a daily basis. Eating clean, sleeping well, managing stresses in your life, etc., these are things that we can take upon ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes you need to seek help or advice from other professionals like a masseuse, physician, or chiropractor. These individual are specialized at what they do. For us it might seem like a luxury, but sometimes it is important. Just like a Ferrari needs maintenance work, so does your body. I like to think of the body as a European sports car, not a beater.

To get ready for the CrossFit Regional in May, our team had to do a lot of extra work to be ready, and with that extra work came more stress and an increase potential for injury. I was introduced to two chiropractors, Dr. Josh Akin and Dr. Jon Sebby, about four months ago, who came highly recommended by my brother Al Montoya, goalie for the New York Islanders. I knew these guys had to be legit because my brother is pretty picky about who he works with.

Jon has been working with me for two months now and I have already seen a tremendous difference in the way I feel and how I’m performing in the gym. Jon has also made me more aware of my body and what areas I need to focus on when I am in the gym. He is a great educator. Believe me, I always thought that receiving this kind of attention was a luxury, but now I consider it a necessary maintenance.

Carlos Montoya, Owner of CrossFit Impact

Shoulder Rehabilitation

As a fellow chiropractor and patient of Dr. Josh Akin, I am pleased to say that Dr. Akin is an exceptional chiropractor and a great asset to the chiropractic field. After shoulder surgery in April, 2010, I worked with a physical therapist for approximately two months and several chiropractors for 3 months but reached a plateau in my progress that still caused significant limitations in my activities of daily living and participation in sports.  It was at this time that a colleague of mine referred me to Josh.

Once I stared working with Josh my recovery progressed drastically.  Josh has an extraordinary touch to his technique and an ability to significantly improve recovery time.  Josh does a great job in integrating an effective home exercise program.  I believe his impressive technique has allowed me to get to where I am today.

Josh is respectful, courteous, and very appreciative of other people’s time.  I am very thankful that I have discovered Josh.

Dr. Gregg Bradford, Chiropractic Physician

Sports Performance

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Dr. Jon Sebby in the weeks leading up to our CrossFit Regional competition.  In preparation for the Regionals, our team significantly increased the intensity of our training, many times pushing our bodies to the breaking point. Jon took the time to understand the sport of Crossfit and the subsequent stresses we were placing on our bodies.  He was able to provide specific treatment for some of our weaknesses and pain points.  For example, I was having difficulty with the bottom of my low squat position.  Jon was able to focus on loosening the hip, calf, and Achilles; not only did my low squat position improve, but a lingering tightness in my knee was relieved.  Jon played an important role in our preparation and allowed us to show well during competition.  I look forward to working again with Jon as we begin our 2013 preparations.

Nick, CrossFit Athlete

Elbow Bursitis

It literally only took two sessions with Dr. Jon Sebby to start feeling the pain in my elbow inflicted with bursitis ease and eventually not give me anymore problems.  For 8 years my elbow caused me grief. I visited three other doctors before seeing Jon.  All of them prescribed PT and anti-inflammatories; none of which provided me any long-term relief.

I’m a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at Poliquin Performance. Therefore it is crucial that I demonstrate basic lifts to my clients throughout the day.  Before seeing Jon I couldn’t even do a barbell bench press.  Now because of Jon I’m performing barbell movements and I haven’t felt this strong since my collegiate football days.

Jon is an exceptional doctor, and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in Active Release Techniques. I trust Jon.  He took the time to diagnose and correct my problem.  I never felt rushed with Jon and he has genuine care for me, as well as every patient.

I will continue to see Jon for my lower back, neck and hip structure that are all out of whack from playing football.  Thanks to Jon the pain in my elbow has subsided and I have better overall strength and conditioning in my upper body.

Brian, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at Poliquin Performance

Shoulder Pain

Dr. Josh Akin is the “man”. He is the best. I came to see Dr. Akin during my senior year in high school when I developed shoulder pain from baseball. Within just a couple of visits, my shoulder was a 100% better. Dr. Akin is so easy going, easy to talk to and the atmosphere is terrific.

Good thing I landed at Northwestern to play baseball. It is great to be able to see Dr. Akin on a regular basis. Anytime my shoulder gets a little tight, I visit Dr. Akin and he gets my shoulder going again and loosens it up. I recommend Dr. Akin to all my baseball buddies.
Kyle, Baseball Player at Northwestern University

Neck Injury

Thank you Dr. Jon.  I had been seeing a chiropractor for the past 15 years and have received a lot of help, but my neck motion and pain was not alleviated until I saw Dr. Sebby.  An old car accident in which I suffered whiplash has caused me to have neck pain and limited my neck motion and flexibility.  A few months ago, Dr. Jon started to do ART on my neck. Now, I am able to fully turn my neck without pain when I need to look behind me. What’s more, my neck no longer makes “snap, crackle, pop” noises when I turn it. Dr. Sebby also gave me exercises to do for my neck and upper back that are really helpful. Another wonderful thing is since I’ve started receiving the ART treatments, I rarely get any more migraine headaches.  It has really improved my quality of life.  The pain use to drain my energy, but every day is brighter now.  Thanks again Dr Jon!

Kim, Patient for 2 Months

Arm and Nerve Pain

Dr. Akin’s nerve release techniques have also contributed to reducing the chronic arm pain. I’m thankful to have discovered Paul and Dr. Akin. Each of them has played an important role in providing a path toward my ultimate goal of being pain free when no one else could even determine what was causing the pain.

Mike, Attorney

Neck Pain

A fellow competitive cyclist suggested I see Dr. Josh Akin after my neck was so stiff that I could not even look over my shoulder. My neck pain progressively became so bad that I was hurting and having difficulties getting through my everyday routine. I tried quick fixes; stretches and massages to help alleviate the pain. However, nothing seemed to rid the pain for more than just a couple of days. It was amazing, just after a few sessions with Dr. Akin, my neck pain subsided and after a month, I was pain free and regained complete range of motion in my neck.

Dr. Akin is knowledgeable, professional and has such a passion for what he does. At my first visit, Dr. Akin was thorough in his evaluation of me, and he took the time to explain the cause of my problem; he was empathetic and did not rush our appointment.

Not only did Dr. Akin take the time in the office to fully address my needs, but he also provided me with a personalized strengthening program to help speed up my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Akin’s diligent care, I can now race pain free, and most importantly, I can look over my shoulder!

Debbie, Bike Racer at the National Level


Dr. Akin is an excellent doctor and he knows what he is doing. I go to Dr. Akin once a week for my migraines and for whatever other problems I might be having from yoga. I would die if I missed my weekly adjustment with Dr. Akin. Because of him my migraines have improved drastically and it has had a positive affect on my overall well being.
Amy, Patient for 3 Years

Foot Pain

Dr. Akin has helped my whole body feel so much better. I started seeing Dr. Akin about a year ago when the pain in my foot was affecting my skating for hockey. Dr. Akin is a great doctor; he is nice, funny, and very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain to me what was causing my pain. He told me that my legs and feet are like puzzle pieces and that if one piece is missing or not fitting together, the puzzle won’t come together. That’s why Dr. Akin takes the time at each visit to work my calves and feet. Thanks to Dr. Akin, I now can stride longer for skating and my legs and feet don’t hurt anymore.

Jeremy, 14 year old Hockey Player

Lower Back Pain

I was referred to Dr. Akin by my physical therapist at my Pilates studio, Body Evolve. My back problem which partially stemmed from a riding injury was causing severe discomfort for 4 months during which time I was seeing the physical therapist and trying other medical solutions including injections – the physical therapy was providing some relief, the injections and pain medicine provided none. My back issue definitely impacted my career – I had client meetings, presentations and out of town responsibilities – and literally could not sit – not an ideal situation to have to stand for hours in a client meeting or be in pain during a plane flight. We were at the point of installing a standing desk in my office. And, of course, I was not riding, playing golf or working out during this time.

I came to Dr. Akin having never sought out the help of a chiropractor – and I am very grateful that my physical therapist directed me to him.

Dr. Akin‘s insight and immediate recognition of the primary problem, a pinched nerve, quickly led to significant improvement and within several months recovery to full mobility (no need for the standing desk!).

I appreciate Dr. Akin’s holistic approach to his patients. When I was physically able, he recommended supplementing my fitness regimen to continue to strengthen areas of weakness and continues to monitor the progress we’ve made.

I began seeing Dr. Akin several years ago and continue to see him on a maintenance schedule – he is definitely part of the team in ensuring that I continue to properly strengthen weak areas, enhance all physical activity and avoid recurrence of problems.

I have recommended Dr. Akin to many people who have incurred sports injuries or experienced back problems.

Vickie, Advertising Executive

Chronic Ankle Pain

Over the last couple of years, I’ve sprained my ankle twice which led to the development of chronic pain in my ankle. I visited three doctors and had a couple rounds of injections to help ease the pain. Unfortunately, no one and nothing was able to help reduce the pain in my foot.

While I was waiting 8 weeks to see the third doctor for the second time, a girlfriend suggested that I make an appointment with a chiropractor that performs ART – Active Release Technique. I had never thought about visiting a chiropractor to address my chronic pain. That’s when I decided to try the chiropractic-approach and I made an appointment to see Dr. Akin.

Just after one session with Dr. Akin that included ART, I noticed that the pain was drastically reduced. Dr. Akin is straightforward, confident, optimistic and knows his stuff. Instantly, he was able to pinpoint the problem that was causing my foot pain. With the combination of Dr. Akin’s [chiropractic] adjustments, ART, and exercises, I’m finally on my road to recovery.

Debbie, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor


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