Professional Athlete Stories

We are thankful to Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears and other athletes for their testimonials. . ..

Jay Cutler Testimonial

Jay Cutler of Chicago Bears

“After years of working with many different chiropractors and thus entrusting my football career to them, I couldn’t be more pleased with the treatments that I receive from Dr. Josh Akin. Over the course of working with the Bears for the last two years, Dr. Akin has played a significant role in keeping me on the field week in and week out. Whether it is my legs, back, neck or shoulder that need attention, Dr. Akin has provided me with care to keep me healthy.

Not only do I entrust myself with Dr. Akin but I have referred both friends and family to him. I truly believe in Dr. Akin’s ability to help all his patients improve and enhance their quality of life. We are fortunate to have his expertise in our community.”

- Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears Quarterback

“Josh is an essential part of my team. He not only kept me together physically, he also provided a lot of advice and encouragement for how to train and when to push and where to pull back. Josh gave me critical care the week before Milwaukee; the race that allowed me to realize my long-held goal.”

- Dan Fogel, sub 3-hour Marathoner, 45-50 age group

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